Why we do what we do

Many beverage producers don’t have the time or staff to attend off-premise tastings, festivals, and other tasting events. Unfortunately, there’s also a lack of reliable promotional beverage marketing companies. Demonstrators aren’t on time – or worse – don’t show. They don’t understand your brand or bring the passion and knowledge you require. Reporting lacks insights to ROI. Events fall flat and don’t extend past the physical walls of the location.

That’s where we come in.

With internal expertise as a result of many years of consumer marketing, event management, analytics and IT management, we put our wisdom into developing a strategic approach to beverage marketing. We offer specialized brand ambassadors to act as an extension of your brand, so you can focus on growing your market.



What makes us different


The first step to promotional tastings is showing up and showing up on time. Our professional demonstrators are the best-of-the-best when it comes to reliability. What’s more? Our management team tracks each and every event all over the country, to ensure events go off without a hitch.


We’re a data-driven company. You’re investing in a service, and you’ll get data to review the results from the demos. Whether you prefer turn-key reports or access to your own event data for reporting, we are ready.


Our promotional demonstrators utilize a mobile app that includes GPS technology to ensure timely and trackable arrival at promotional events. After years of operations, we created our very own custom-built events management system to power our business and allow for the upmost and accurate tracking.

Not only do our reps have access to live call and text support anytime Pourtastic has active demos, but our Hotline Team is actively tracking each and every event across the country to ensure success and troubleshoot any potential issues.