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Pourtastic Tastings is dedicated to boosting beverage sales and gaining new distribution through the facilitation of promotional events and tastings. But we don’t stop there. We go beyond to deliver data and metrics that help you better understand the market and how to get the most from every event.

Off-premise demos are at the peak of our services list. Our Brand Ambassadors (BAs) are as good as gold to represent your brand at a festival or special event where there’s potential to engage with thousands of people.

For some agencies, a good-looking face in a photo is enough to ensure a spot on a sampling team. Pourtastic screens each and every applicant and conducts a virtual video interview, testing out an applicant’s ability to sell a product and gauging their ability to be an effective BA.



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We look for experience
and hobbies such as the following:

  • Bartender, server, cocktail waiter/waitress
  • Brewery volunteer
  • Retail/sales

Many of our
brand ambassadors:

  • Have a passion for craft beer
  • Enjoy cooking or have culinary interest
  • Are homebrewers
  • Have other part or full-time jobs
  • Are in school or continuing education

Couple our screening process with obsessive reportibility on each and every demo and you’ve got a winning combination. Want to know what time your rep arrived at the store or when they checked out with the store manager? Want to know how many products were sold, how many times we’ve sampled in a particular location or the average sales percentage for your brand? You’ve got it. All that info, plus much more is at your fingertips.

We’re passionate about perfection, knowledge and professionalism, and that’s what makes Pourtastic the best. The execution of a demo reflects on your reputation, but it also reflects on ours, and it’s our business to make sure every impression is a positive one. End-to-end, Pourtastic is your partner for promotional tastings.